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The New Camp Stool

posted by Matt Pierce on November 14, 2011

Since introducing the DIY campstool a while back, I had thought about making a nicer version for the store. Not long ago, as I was working on this prototype, I was asked if I would contribute the stool to the soon to be released new volume of Tools - Real Stuff for Future Classics. It's a book that has every cool gadget, artifact, clothing item and tool you'd ever want and I was beyond flattered to be included. It’s made by HUGE magazine in Japan and I just happened to have a gracious reader (thanks Ken!) that passed my site on to the editor.

I’ve been waiting to launch the sale of the new stool until I had some inventory, but I can’t wait any longer since I’ve heard the new issue of Tools has already been printed! I haven’t seen it yet, but thanks to Takuhito, the new release is on its way to me. My first stool is still in Japan (since being photographed for the book) and will even be shown during the new volume’s release party. Another amazing honor.

I’m finishing up on the retail stools now and they should be for sale soon. I have a small batch going to Need Supply, a small batch in my store, and more going to a special client. They will be extremely limited to start, but I’m already ordering more materials for a large run.

They will be made with USA grown hardwood Ash, turned to a slight taper. The seat is English bridle leather from Wickett & Craig, with doubled attach points sewn in. A matching carry strap will be included.