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What Happened To That Sofa?

posted by Matt Pierce on May 11, 2011

Well, it's been a looooong time since I first proposed an upholstery change for the little sofa. I had received so many great comments and ideas, and then completely slacked off and haven't shared the final outcome. So, the final choice was to use some grey heathered Pendleton wool, square off and cut the cushions, and use a light silver thread for all the topstitching. I've been sitting on it for a few weeks now and it's just looking better as the cushions 'crush' a little.

For some of you that thought I was going to tackle the sewing myself, I totally did not even attempt it. Took it to a trusted upholsterer in town and he really did a great job. No way I could have made those stitches so straight for that long. If you need some upholstery in Portland, check out AJ's on Prescott.

Also, I had to show off the redwood slab table I found the other day. I had thought I was going to make some legs for it on the lathe, but I'm come to really like the simple handyman-style base that was on it. And yes, I stack my high-brow design magazines along with books about bowling.