Sofa Quandary

Things have been changing in my living room lately. Some new things have been added to the room (a wood stove and a wall full of shelves) that made my 96” sofa look MASSIVE. I’ve since been on the lookout for something of smaller scale.

In the back corner of a vintage shop in Portland, I found a little Teak wood, Danish-made loveseat. It was only $365, but still not perfect, so I walked away. After leaving, I still kept thinking about it though. Maybe it’s something to modify? Reupholster?

I went back and offered a respectful, yet low, $200. After receiving a doubtful look, the shoplady got the owner of the piece on the phone and she said she could go $225. I figured that was good enough to give me some room to do something with it, right?

At first, I didn’t like the solid panel side/leg arrangement and thought about actually carving it up or putting different legs on it altogether. I bought it home, took it apart and refreshed the wood with Howard’s Restor-a-Finish and then a coat of Feed-n-Wax. After that, the Teak REALLY looked amazing and I didn’t have the desire to cut into it any longer.

However, I still have the reupholstery dilemma. Before finding this loveseat, my first desire was to have a small grey-flannel sofa in there. Now, I’m not so sure if that would work on this particular piece. I didn’t want more leather because I’ve already got my black leather lounge and the brown leather sling chair in the room... BUT, now I’m coming back to the thought of using leather again. I’ve always coveted a tan leather Børge Mogensen, though after seeing the deep-reddish tone of the Teak, I don’t think tan would work either. I think the upholstery needs to be darker than the wood.

Do I resort to classic black? That’s what I’m leaning towards... but I wanted to get your opinions. Anyone have a great idea for this baby? One thing I definitely want to do if I reupholster, is to rework the cushions to a more boxy shape, and also chop the back cushions’ height by a couple inches. As is, I think those covers are just too tall, taut and bulbous. They make me angry just looking at them. I want boxy and loose. Check these sofas here for an idea. Or maybe I do nothing and re-sell? Wait for the pefect, and probably $2000 piece? I'm all over the place, so please weigh in!