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Strawfoot Handmade

posted by Matt Pierce on January 13, 2011

So, having this blog has introduced me to lots of cool new folk and I'm really grateful about that. One such fellow is Garrett Kautz, a bag maker who operates Strawfoot Handmade. Garrett has been experimenting and crafting handy totes from his small Santa Cruz studio for a couple years now. Using a heavy duty single-needle machine, regionally sourced materials, and smart details like hand-hammered rivets, Garrett creates some clean, classic designs.

I'd been admiring the work coming from his studio for a little while, so when an opportunity came open,  I jumped at the chance to have him make me something cool. I'd seen that he had previously created a great roll-top lunch bag, so I wondered if he could modify that idea a bit as a small camera bag - something that would protect a camera and maybe some film when I'm traveling. After listening to my request, he really came up with something perfect – from the thorn-proof waxed canvas, right down to the vintage wool lining. He even included a vintage seed bag to wrap a lens or carry some film. Great work, Garrett. Check out his work at