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Happy 2011 and Thanks

posted by Matt Pierce on January 02, 2011

Hope everyone is having a great New Year so far... though I'm sure most everyone is wishing they could hang on to this last bit of holiday weekend before Monday starts!

I just wanted to welcome everyone into 2011 and thank you for following and reading the last couple months at Wood&Faulk. I've been extremely thankful at the warm reception and interest in my posts. The comments are very welcome, and I'm grateful any time I get them. I want to acknowledge each one, but then don't want to be that weirdo that follows each comment with a smiley or something dumb, so just know I appreciate each one! In such short time, I've managed to meet many like-minded folks, discover MANY new favorite blogs, and receive some great advice too.

Thank-yous go to everyone that has reposted or written about Wood&Faulk on their own blogs. I love knowing you're getting the word out, and it's been an incredible force for getting new readers. Special thanks to Anna and Victoria for being superfans and my two biggest referrers so far. Super-special thanks to Lisa at Kiki&Polly for being my first store customer! It was a real treat when I got my first sale email notice and realized it wasn't from Mom. Lastly, thanks once again to Erin Seale and Lisa Warninger for contributing so much to the function and form of my site. It would not have been nearly as cool without your help.

Thanks again, everyone. I can't wait to publish more that you will hopefully enjoy in 2011!