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Barn Door, Part1

posted by Matt Pierce on December 08, 2010

I've said it before, and I'm saying it again... I have a really small house. My bedroom is not even 10x13, everything is cramped and I have a problem with the door swinging into my dresser. Also, the door likes to creep shut and when I'm going in and out of that room enough, it gets annoying. I usually prop the door open with a book, but then when I need to get into the dresser, I'm shoving the door and the book. Yes, I KNOW IT'S A WHINY PROBLEM, but still. So, with my talent of being able to justify anything, this is the perfect excuse to remove the door and install a sliding barndoor-style track. I'm splitting the post into two entries, this one to show the plan, and then I'll show some how-two and the final install later.

Step one: Order your door track. I chose a medium-duty setup from McMaster-Carr. It's unfinished galvanized steel, and I'll probably paint it. Maybe? I've seen some really fancy tracks, but I like the raw look, and it was only $65 with $19 shipping. If you've looked at fancier track systems before, you'll know you can drop A LOT of money.

Step two: Find a door. This is where you can make it interesting. Lots of great options to build a door out of a ton of different materials, but I decided to look for a vintage door of some sort. Thankfully Portland has an AMAZING place called the Rebuilding Center that is chock full'o awesome. I bought a vintage, solid wood door with antique safety-glass for $55. Apparently it was removed from a local college. Looks like Fir under the three coats of (quite possibly lead based) paint.

Next post will cover how to mount the track to the wall, assembling brackets to the door, and then hanging for the finished shot!