ReadyMade Project Feature

To my surprise, I received an advance copy of the upcoming ReadyMade magazine yesterday - sent to me because I have a project in the Dec/Jan issue! I've been waiting to spill the beans since I was asked to contribute a couple months ago, and it's finally, nearly released. Some of you might have seen me post the process in my flickr a while back, but I'll post a few new pics here too.

There's a funny story about all of this. I submitted the idea to them a few months before, and I received a polite rejection email. It stated that "if selected for a future issue, someone will contact you." It was worded kindly and very professionally, but even so - I still took it as 'Grade A' reject status. After that, I was still convinced that it was a neat idea, and figured surely someone might like it too, right? So, with that, I hatched the idea for this blog (to teach my rejector a lesson? Surely not...). While working on it and creating posts for launch, ReadyMade wrote me back and asked me to be in the NEXT issue! In the end, what I deemed as rejection, motivated me to just get out and make something on my own. Another cheesy 'after-school-special' comes true! Heh.