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Memorial Day in Joseph

posted by Matt Pierce on May 31, 2016

Even when I vacation, I'm working. It's fun work though, I love what I'm making and sometimes I team up on the best projects. One of those, as you might've heard, is the Jennings Hotel in Joseph, Oregon. My bud, Greg, is restoring an old hotel in a small Eastern Oregon town and invited some folks to take part in the project. I'm working on room #3 with another friend, Ben from Phloem Studio

I took advantage of the long Memorial holiday weekend to head out there, haul some supplies for the hotel, work a little, relax a little. Spent some of the time scouring the Imnaha city garage sales and got some rad artifacts for the hotel, most of which I wanted to keep for myself. We kept walking into the best deals... Records for 10 cents, old tools, vintage quilts made by Wallowa grandmas, books, a Model T hot rod truck (that I didn't buy), and more. I only kept one thing for myself – a vintage, made in Wichita, Coleman cook stove.

In between that 'work' we went Morel hunting on some nearby trails for dinners and breakfasts in the (still in progress) Jennings community kitchen. Last summer's fires were still very evident, but there's an amazing amount of low growth happening already. On the last trip Evan and Lindsey scored huge, this time it was Greg (with mountain goat like agility) taking home the prize. I've yet to discover a mushroom field jackpot myself and now I'm trapped in the thought of what that'd be like.