A Journal of DIY Projects and more

Wood&Faulk Design Studio

The name references Woodrow Avenue and Faulkner Street – two roads in Wichita, Kansas where founder, Matt Pierce, honed his skills as a designer, builder and tinkerer. His creative curiosity led him to start this blog about projects and DIY culture. 

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A Playlist for Isolating

A Playlist for Isolating

Hey my crew... weird times, right? Hopefully everyone is doing okay, though I know many of you are in sh*tstorm city. This town is full of gig and ...

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The histocial arc of W&F

It started as a blog about projects

I had ideas to get out, but wasn't sure how. A trusted friend told me to create a blog, but I wasn't so sure. I kinda wanted a book, not a blog. However, it didn't take much convincing that this was the perfect way to reach my DIY people.

The first sale

Carpenter's Bag

The first bag from Wood&Faulk was sold on November 16, 2010. The online store was a created with the sold purpose to make money for more DIY projects, and it was a wonderful success.

The acceleration of DIY projects

How to make your own camping stool

One of the most popular DIYs on the Journal to this day is the campstool. This might be the one post that put W&F on the tinkerer's map? It definitely changed the trajectory of this little side-project. Thanks to Grace Bonney for letting me write for Design Sponge during this time – you gave the ultimate lift to W&F.


Celebrating Tools in Tokyo

One of the most gratifying events to be included in was with HUGE magazine's TOOLS release in the Found MUJI showroom in Tokyo. I owe thanks to many involved, especially Ken Nishijo and Takuhito Kawashima.

The first jawdropping order

1000 campstools

Never in my life would I think about producing 1000pcs of anything. Thanks to Adam Dexter, who was curating gifts for an outdoor conference, this dream became a reality. I couldn't have done it without an excellent crew of crazy awesome builders – especially in only a few weeks' time.

Growing and Moving

The last Beam&Anchor year

The first studio space outside of my home was with Beam&Anchor store in Portland. The brain-child of Robert Rahm, his magic idea + friendship birthed the 'real business' beginnings of W&F, Maak Lab, Revive Designs, Phloem Studio and Earthbound Industries... plus many other in the continuing years. 

Changing into something

Was this when it became a lifestyle brand?

I think this was the year we really upgraded. Using actual models, getting into lots of stores, selling big in Japan. It was a fun, enthralling, universe-expanding year.

Fresh Feelings

Coming through the other side

Running this company for nearly 10 years has been an incredible experience. I've met so many incredible souls, traveled the world with suitcases full of W&F goodies, had some great highs and some very tiresome nights in the shop too. I discovered so much about what a small dream could turn into. Thanks you all so much for some amazing memories!