Brothers and Knives


I don’t usually go sentimental or philosophical on here, but this post will surely graze those grounds. It’s like a review, but with a somewhat softer center.

A couple conversations with friends had me thinking lately. The first was a post my friend Ben wrote about pocket knives. After chatting with Ben, I was on the lookout for a nice knife – since the last meaningful knife I’d carried was a tiny Swiss Army that my brother and I got as matching Christmas gifts as kids. The second conversation was with Robert about traditions among fathers and sons, and it steered me to think about the traditions of my youth, and those matching knives my brother and I once had.

I’d previously picked up a Case Copperlock and really loved it. Top quality, beautiful finish, and really slim. One blade makes it amazingly simple, and just what I was looking for. Once I looked around more at other Case knives, I found a small series that commemorated the Case Brothers who started that little knife company back in 1900. This was the perfect excuse to pick up one for my brother and me to carry as matching knife buddies again.

After finally tracking down a couple and receiving them (they were a limited series from 2010), I now have one in my pocket, and the other is currently en route to my brother.

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  1. Those are beautiful. I have an old bone knife that I got a junk store, but I’m too afraid of losing it to carry it around. Such a lovely gift those are!

  2. Great story…love the brother connection. I’ve carried a pocketknife ever since I was about ten. I’ve gone through several; old-school Barlows for most of the time, which I believe are now unfortunately made overseas…but my current knife, which I have had for over a decade, is a Case Trapper. I love it, even with it’s electrically-caused melted spot in the blade…errk.

  3. Jutin says:

    What a great gift. My younger brother and I received our first pocket knives when I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade, also Swiss Army. Mine was the traditional red and his was black. I’ve carried about a hundred different knives daily since then, because I always manage to lose them. A few years ago I purchased a little Opinel No.8, probably the least expensive knife I’ve ever carried. Dammit if it isn’t the nicest little blade I’ve ever owned, and of course because it’s so inexpensive I never lose it.

  4. Darla says:

    This is so interesting because it’s such a boy thing and because it feels like a remnant of the past. My dad carried a pocketknife. Maybe he still does? (I’ll have to ask.) But I can’t imagine that any other man I know carries a pocketknife today. (I’ll make inquires.) Is it because I’m in a big city? Is it because it’s out of fashion? Is it because the primary instrument of our work – the keyboard – doesn’t usually need any whittling? Hmmm.

    • MMP says:

      Times have changed, for sure. I have a few friends that carry pocket knives, but I’m sure it’s not like the amount of folks that regularly carried one 20 years ago. Similar, but different – I read somewhere how people have stopped wearing watches due to having clocks on their phones. Pocket knives and watches… bring’em back, folks!

  5. Brock says:

    This is a great idea! This specific knife is beautiful….where did you get it? Do you know the specific style/edition?

    • MMP says:

      Thanks Brock, those were the “Case Bros.” edition. One was found on ebay and the other was from a retailer called

  6. i love pocket knives! i had a small bone one as a girl and then several swiss army and so on. but i haven’t had one of my own for a few years, being married i always use the hubbies. but i have been on the hunt for a good one for about a year, maybe you just helped me with that.

    the funny thing is i am probably one of the only moms i know who wants to get matching knives for our two boys and myself , for the memories/tradition. i suppose we should get one for the hubby too ; )

    thanks for sharing the lovely memories.

  7. michael says:

    Check the abovementioned website also. A young Corsican Xavier with a passion for hand crafted knives . Take a look at the pictures for the processus of traditional knife making. The website is in french.
    Enjoy! Michael

  8. Edward Crocker says:

    I got my first knife when I was 8 OR 9 and can’t remember a time when I wasn’t carying a knife of some kind. I’ll soon be 70. The brother knives are a good idea, I will get myself and my brother matching knives for

  9. Sandy says:

    what can i say.. great throught…. both brothers have graduated from the good old swiss army knife.

    I really liked the Case Copperlock.. it’s fantastic looking

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