The New Camp Stool


Since introducing the DIY campstool a while back, I had thought about making a nicer version for the store. Not long ago, as I was working on this prototype, I was asked if I would contribute the stool to the soon to be released new volume of Tools – Real Stuff for Future Classics. It’s a book that has every cool gadget, artifact, clothing item and tool you’d ever want and I was beyond flattered to be included. It’s made by HUGE magazine in Japan and I just happened to have a gracious reader (thanks Ken!) that passed my site on to the editor.

I’ve been waiting to launch the sale of the new stool until I had some inventory, but I can’t wait any longer since I’ve heard the new issue of Tools has already been printed! I haven’t seen it yet, but thanks to Takuhito, the new release is on it’s way to me. My first stool is still in Japan (since being photographed for the book) and will even be shown during the new volume’s release party. Another amazing honor.

I’m finishing up on the retail stools now and they should be for sale soon. I have a small batch going to Need Supply, a small batch in my store, and more going to a special client. They will be extremely limited to start, but I’m already ordering more materials for a large run.

They will be made with USA grown hardwood Ash, turned to a slight taper. The seat is English bridle leather from Wickett & Craig, with doubled attach points sewn in. A matching carry strap will be included.


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The Littlest Northwesterner


Thought I’d introduce the littlest member of the Northwesterner series, the tan waxed 12inch. Sharing the same sturdy construction as the rest of its family, this one is made with tan #10 Martexin Original Wax canvas and natural saddle leather handles and straps. Comes with a matching shoulder strap too.

I was hoping this size would be great as a camera carrier that would fit in my bike basket, and it turned out to work perfect. One thing to note, as with all the NWerner bags, they are unlined, so make sure to protect that camera with something soft inside. Interior dimensions of the opening is 11.5 in by 7.5 inches. Height is 10.5 inches not including the handles. Easily fits your iPad and a few books, possibly your 11in MacBook Air – though it might bulge a little on that.

Just hitting in the W&F store now, and I hope you like!


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The Project Belt Revisited


It seems like forever since the belt experiment took place, but I realized it’s barely been six months. However, some of you have seen some good wear out of them, so I figured as post was in order. It’s been great hearing from wearers, and I’ve enjoyed seeing the varied abuse.

Since that first project, I’ve learned a lot and refined my belt-making process. One defining improvement has been to slick the edges with beeswax on the new belts. For the initial project belts, they were left untouched to accentuate the break-in, but I think I definitely prefer a smoother, slicked edge. I’d just recently slicked mine, and I know Garrett did that to his.

If you guys want to clean up your own rough edges, it takes just a little beeswax rubbed in there and then you can use a slicker tool, or just a small piece of heavy canvas to vigorously rub that wax into the edge. As you rub, the wax will smooth the edges nicely. If they are really frayed, you can slick with lightly dampened water first and after drying completely – go after it with the beeswax.

Another announcement about the belt line is that it will definitely be growing. I’ll be introducing a more finished version in English bridle leather with a new buckle, and also a special announcement on Monday (Sorry folks, looks like Friday now) for a new model that I’ve recently collaborated with Darian from FREE/MAN. It’ll be available though my store or the new FREE/MAN online store (especially good for our Canadian customers to save on shipping).

Special thanks to those of you that have shared your pics – Anabela, Geoff, Evan, Garrett, Megan C, Megan R and Stacey. Also, anyone else is welcome to show off their own wear-in pics on either the Wood&Faulk flickr group or facebook page.


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Northwesterner Series


Back when I started Wood&Faulk, its only real purpose was to ever be a blog. I wanted to share some house projects, furniture finds, and some general experiments. I added a store just to make a little scratch to pay for hosting and materials for projects for posts – but things are kind-of evolving already. I’m still keeping the blog format as you know it, and the current style of content won’t change. I’ll always want to share interesting projects and experiments like I’ve always done. The one thing that will be evolving is the store. As the books, notepads and miscellany sell off, they won’t be replaced and I’ll be converting the store content to more hardgoods and the like. I’m excited to have new bags in there, and will be putting belts and camera straps in the store this week as well. Hopefully this won’t affect anyone much, for the little bits never seemed to sell that fast anyway.

To start the store transition, I’m happy to release a new series of bags that I’m really excited about – the Northwesterner Series. Made with Martexin Original Waxed water-repellant canvas and fine leathers – they are sturdy as ever, and sure to last long enough for even the next generation to enjoy. I was inspired by the colors and the climate of the Pacific Northwest, but I feel the classic styling is perfect to fit any situation. Available in 16” sizes now, and in the larger 20” coming soon. All of them come with matching straps. Many thanks to Lisa Warninger for the brilliant-as-always photography.

Also, thank you to everyone who’s been such a loyal reader and customer so far. I’m amazed everyday to hear from old and new readers. It’s been a busy time for me lately, and I know the frequency of posts has dipped – just know that I miss creating and sharing things with you guys when I’m tied up. You are all such patient and kind friends!

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Belt Project Documented

Back when I started experimenting with belt making, my good friend JD said that he would make a short video to document it. JD is the super-talented design director at Instrument, and we’d previously filmed little clips of a screen printing project that he turned into an cool movie; so despite me feeling slightly awkward on camera, I knew it would be fun and turn out neat.

Now you can see the full process of how I made the first run of belts, spot some mistakes, see how I cheated and used letterpress polymer dies instead leather stamps, and see what a pain in the arse it would be to hand-edge 50 belts! As for anyone curious about me putting belts back in the store… it’s happening soon. But, then if I just showed you how to make one, will any of them sell? Uh oh.

Wood&Faulk on Vimeo
Music by Gabriel and the Hounds

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Camera Wrist Strap


Well, I’ve devised a new project to keep myself busy, and I wanted to share it. I’ve been experimenting with a camera strap design, and I think I’ve finally got it. I’m going to be producing a small quantity of these and putting them for sale in the store soon. I don’t have an actual release date yet, because I want to have all of them built before listing. Quantity will be no more than 40 and I’m hoping to keep the price under $50.

The finalized design is one piece of leather, that wraps around and through its own scratch guard. These are made for cameras with a lug mount, and the split-ring will be supplied. If you’re interested in ordering, make sure your camera will work with the strap, as it won’t work if you have a loop attachment point on your camera.

In other leather working news – After much demand, I’m going to start making belts for the store. I’ll have more details soon, and should start production shortly.  I’m proud to make them as a regular store item for those wanting one. I think I’ll stick with the simple construction as used on the belt project, but might make a couple refinements. Thanks to everyone that’s been so interested!

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Belt Progress


Hey everyone, I wanted to check in on the belt project and let everyone know when you’ll be receiving your product. I had hoped to have them all finished over the President’s Day holiday, but on Monday I clamped down on my hole puncher and no kidding – it exploded.

Earlier in the weekend, I’d bent the frame with my BRUTAL HAND STRENGTH. It had gotten weary from punching through the insanely heavy leather, and on Monday, it took it’s final punch – the top housing bent apart and hole-punch bits flew everywhere.

After the leather store opened on Tuesday, I got some REAL punches and am now poised to finish up. I’m sorry it’s taken so long! I’ll document the process, and probably bitch about it a little on my next post after they deliver.

So, with new punches and final bits of hardware, I’m confident that all belts will be done this weekend and shipping on Monday. Thanks for hanging in there with me, and I’m anxious to get them to you!

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Store Launch


Today, I’m rolling out the store component, and I’m super excited about it. I’ve been so grateful for all the new readership and encouragement on the blog, and I hope you find some interest in the store as well. I’ll be experimenting with products and stock amounts, so please let me know any feedback you might have.

I’d like to showcase an item in this post, and it’s one that I’m really proud to carry. I’ve used a similar bag for a while now, but it wasn’t the greatest quality and I was looking for a tougher, better-made version for a while and wasn’t finding what I wanted. Enter Heritage Leather Co. I think I found these guys via, and was immediately impressed with the look. After reading up on them, I was even more excited. Their bags are made in America, and are of excellent quality. Good leathers, strong canvas, solid hardware. After talking with them, I decided to order a small quantity; one spec’ed simply and one with a little more refinement. In the shop, you’ll see I have one with nicer leather and an included strap.

For this feature, let’s look at the standard model. It’s made with heavy ‘moccasin’ leather bottom, heavy cotton canvas body, and top-grain leather handle and straps. Super sturdy and ready for your pile of tools, outdoor gear, camping supplies… anything. I’ll be offering two sizes: 20inch is roomy for lots of gear and a 16inch that is great for fewer tools, but still a generous size. The 16in could even make a good briefcase or laptop carrier.

P.S. So thankful to the amazing Lisa Warninger for the photos!

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Store Preview of Paumes Books


I received an exciting package today, and am too excited not to share. Though, there’s a little lead-up first. As some of you might have noticed, there’s a shop tab at the top that isn’t active yet. To help offset costs of hosting and development (and neglecting my clients when I’m writing), I thought I could offer some interestingly curated products that I really love and hopefully you might too. I don’t intend for the store to get very big, and this is all a trial-and-error type of component for me, so as I roll items out, please let me know what might be working and what doesn’t. Your thoughts mean a lot.

SO, with that windiness out of the way… I received some PAUMES BOOKS! A few months ago, I discovered these in a post from the delightful Victoria Smith, and bought a couple for myself. Though I couldn’t find them in the US (I think one came from the Netherlands and the other from Japan), they were fantastic and so worth it. Apart from me wanting more for myself, I though I could be a good source if any of my US readers wanted a home-country shipper. I’ll only be carrying a few titles, and small quantities to start – so again, let me know what you think and what you might want to read.

I’m thinking the store should be up by next week, so hopefully you check back!

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