Red Wing Passport Covers


It’s crazy for me to think how things have changed around here in just a year. I missed mentioning the first W&F anniversary sometime in early November, partly because I was busy with fun projects like this one. I’m forever grateful to have met cool folks during the course of this year that are curious about what I’m doing and have wanted me to make things for them.

One of the most gracious endeavors was also one of the more stressful… Making some passport covers for Red Wing Amsterdam to be given to their agents for a Christmas gift.

It was a tight deadline and I was working with their own leather from SB Foot Tannery, which I’d never played with before. The first run had to be simple in construction to get them done in time, and yet I’m making them for someone who’s been making leather boots for over a century. No pressure, right? The self-heaped on stress was quite high. Though throughout the project, I learned a lot and got very familiar with their own leathers and have great plans to make a more intricate version in the future. I guess sometimes the stress in the journey is the reward too.

photos taken by Lisa Warninger 
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Recent Busy Weeks


It’s been a crazy busy time around here. I’m in the middle of multiple client projects, home projects and W&F pieces. As always, most undertakings end up taking way more time than you’d like – specifically the belt project. Thankfully some started shipping last week, and the final pieces are leaving my hands today. I know that some of you wanted to meetup for local pickup, but with so many things going on, I just can’t feasibly schedule anything. Seriously, I was walking to the mailbox with bags of Priority envelopes last night at 1am. It was actually a most relaxing walk… Knowing that I can mark this project off my list!

If you are a wear-in participant, you should be seeing your package soon. Hopefully everyone is still excited about the project. It was fun to produce, and I definitely learned a lot of things about working with ridiculously heavy leather. All pieces were cut, formed and shaped by hand, so please forgive any minor tooling marks. As your belts wear-in, they should take on so many cool marks, colors & creases and I’m anxious to see how they look in a few months’ time. I’ve set up a Wood&Faulk flickr group, so if you want to post some progress, it’d be great to tag them in there. Or you might want to post/tag them in the Wood&Faulk facebook page.

As for other fun stuff, I just update the store with some Portland crafted soaps from Maak Soap Lab, and I received some fine, new bags from Heritage Leather. In stock now is the Standard 16 and a new black Deluxe 16. Both in a shorter height, which is great for a small amount of tools or more business-like items – my 15” MacBook Pro fits in there great. Gracious thanks to the brilliant Lisa Warninger for hanging out and shooting all my product shots for the new bags and Maak soap.

Also, I thought I’d throw in a photo of another project prototype I’m working on, which I can’t really share now, but it’s been fun experimenting with. It’ll be made of Oak and using the end pieces of leather straps that were too short to make a belt. I’ll throw more details out there when I can share.

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