Brothers and Knives


I don’t usually go sentimental or philosophical on here, but this post will surely graze those grounds. It’s like a review, but with a somewhat softer center.

A couple conversations with friends had me thinking lately. The first was a post my friend Ben wrote about pocket knives. After chatting with Ben, I was on the lookout for a nice knife – since the last meaningful knife I’d carried was a tiny Swiss Army that my brother and I got as matching Christmas gifts as kids. The second conversation was with Robert about traditions among fathers and sons, and it steered me to think about the traditions of my youth, and those matching knives my brother and I once had.

I’d previously picked up a Case Copperlock and really loved it. Top quality, beautiful finish, and really slim. One blade makes it amazingly simple, and just what I was looking for. Once I looked around more at other Case knives, I found a small series that commemorated the Case Brothers who started that little knife company back in 1900. This was the perfect excuse to pick up one for my brother and me to carry as matching knife buddies again.

After finally tracking down a couple and receiving them (they were a limited series from 2010), I now have one in my pocket, and the other is currently en route to my brother.

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The New Camp Stool


Since introducing the DIY campstool a while back, I had thought about making a nicer version for the store. Not long ago, as I was working on this prototype, I was asked if I would contribute the stool to the soon to be released new volume of Tools – Real Stuff for Future Classics. It’s a book that has every cool gadget, artifact, clothing item and tool you’d ever want and I was beyond flattered to be included. It’s made by HUGE magazine in Japan and I just happened to have a gracious reader (thanks Ken!) that passed my site on to the editor.

I’ve been waiting to launch the sale of the new stool until I had some inventory, but I can’t wait any longer since I’ve heard the new issue of Tools has already been printed! I haven’t seen it yet, but thanks to Takuhito, the new release is on it’s way to me. My first stool is still in Japan (since being photographed for the book) and will even be shown during the new volume’s release party. Another amazing honor.

I’m finishing up on the retail stools now and they should be for sale soon. I have a small batch going to Need Supply, a small batch in my store, and more going to a special client. They will be extremely limited to start, but I’m already ordering more materials for a large run.

They will be made with USA grown hardwood Ash, turned to a slight taper. The seat is English bridle leather from Wickett & Craig, with doubled attach points sewn in. A matching carry strap will be included.


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Northwesterner Series


Back when I started Wood&Faulk, its only real purpose was to ever be a blog. I wanted to share some house projects, furniture finds, and some general experiments. I added a store just to make a little scratch to pay for hosting and materials for projects for posts – but things are kind-of evolving already. I’m still keeping the blog format as you know it, and the current style of content won’t change. I’ll always want to share interesting projects and experiments like I’ve always done. The one thing that will be evolving is the store. As the books, notepads and miscellany sell off, they won’t be replaced and I’ll be converting the store content to more hardgoods and the like. I’m excited to have new bags in there, and will be putting belts and camera straps in the store this week as well. Hopefully this won’t affect anyone much, for the little bits never seemed to sell that fast anyway.

To start the store transition, I’m happy to release a new series of bags that I’m really excited about – the Northwesterner Series. Made with Martexin Original Waxed water-repellant canvas and fine leathers – they are sturdy as ever, and sure to last long enough for even the next generation to enjoy. I was inspired by the colors and the climate of the Pacific Northwest, but I feel the classic styling is perfect to fit any situation. Available in 16” sizes now, and in the larger 20” coming soon. All of them come with matching straps. Many thanks to Lisa Warninger for the brilliant-as-always photography.

Also, thank you to everyone who’s been such a loyal reader and customer so far. I’m amazed everyday to hear from old and new readers. It’s been a busy time for me lately, and I know the frequency of posts has dipped – just know that I miss creating and sharing things with you guys when I’m tied up. You are all such patient and kind friends!

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