Wood&Faulk Wallets


One of the more fun things being made in the shop lately are the new wallets, so I thought I’d share here. There’s currently two models, the Traveler Wallet and the Front Pocket Wallet.

The Traveler Wallet is hand-sewn with Horween Chromexcel cowhide. The leather has a beautiful, soft, waxy touch and will wear-in amazingly. Thread colors are coordinated to the leathers. Enough room for credit cards, a cash pocket and a passport or a small notebook pocket.

The Front Pocket Wallets are perfectly small, with just enough room for the essentials. They are also hand-sewn, but with Horween Chromexcel Horsefronts. The three-pocket model is perfect for your suit jacket or front pocket and will hold a few cards and a little cash. I currently use the four-pocket version and I’m able to put credit cards, license, insurance cards and use the back pocket for cash. The small size will keep things from getting out of hand – a’la Costanza.

All wallets are made in our Portland shop and are available in the Beam&Anchor retail store and in our online store, with more retailers to follow.


4 Responses to “Wood&Faulk Wallets”

  1. Socheat & Henry says:

    Hi Matt,

    It’s Socheat and Henry. We met the other day in Manzanita (Miranda’s friends). Henry and I are browsing your blog and just wanted to let you know we love it!

    • MMP says:

      Hi you two and thanks! It was great to meet, and hopefully we’ll all hang out again sometime when I’m out there next. Really want to see the progress Henry is making on your house!

  2. Phil says:

    Yessssssssssss. I have been a fan of your craft and good looking blog for a while now and knew that someday a perfectly designed wallet would show up. You have done it again! Awesome Seinfeld reference also. Keep up the great work, it was you that inspired me to make a sheath for our little camping hatchet!

  3. Chris says:

    Very nice, simple designs on the wallets. I dig.