which bag for what?


We’ve been asked plenty of times, “What bag should I get?” I know the right answer isn’t always ‘one of each’, so let’s talk about what you can stuff into them, intended purposes, and a few other details concerning Wood&Faulk bag sizing.

Let’s start with the 12″ Northwesterner. Here’s some ideas: simple overnight trip; camera, lunch and jacket tourist supplies; six pack protection for the front basket in your bike; or just some regular daily duties. Good for guys or gals. Fits ipads, but probably not your computer. The opening is about 11.5″.

Next larger is the Northwesterner 16″ size. This one is much more versatile and will handle a 15″ laptop with ease. Plenty of room for a business trip, as an overnighter, food and supplies for a picnic, or an everyday briefcase-type setup. One thing to note – the bag has soft sides and you’re gonna want a sleeve on your computer for extra protection.

Preparing for a longer trip? The 20″ Northwesterner is what you need. Always fits in the overhead compartment and can be put under a seat in a pinch. Plenty of room for a few changes of clothes and your laptop. Probably too big for a daily bag, but if you’re traveling  often enough, it’s a perfect alternative to bulky luggage. This is my preferred travel companion.

Hopefully the pics illustrate some fitting scenarios. The one thing I’m missing in the 16″ and 20″ pics is a travel bag or ‘dopp kit’. Both scenarios will accommodate one AND it’s something we’re finally working on as well, so stay tuned.

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3 Responses to “which bag for what?”

  1. Amy says:

    What about the ladies?!

    • Matt Pierce says:

      Well, I know we’ve definitely sold a lot of 12″ bags to ladies and a good share of 16″ too… but I didn’t have a lot of lady-stuff in the shop to make a specific photo spread! I should stage one up with one of your clutches inside!

      • Amy says:

        Oh, that would be lovely. I like most of what is included in the man bag, but it would be nice to represent the manly lady. I received one of your bags as a x-mas present last year and still need to wax the canvas. Maybe I’ll photograph what’s in my bag :)

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