The Project Belt Revisited


It seems like forever since the belt experiment took place, but I realized it’s barely been six months. However, some of you have seen some good wear out of them, so I figured as post was in order. It’s been great hearing from wearers, and I’ve enjoyed seeing the varied abuse.

Since that first project, I’ve learned a lot and refined my belt-making process. One defining improvement has been to slick the edges with beeswax on the new belts. For the initial project belts, they were left untouched to accentuate the break-in, but I think I definitely prefer a smoother, slicked edge. I’d just recently slicked mine, and I know Garrett did that to his.

If you guys want to clean up your own rough edges, it takes just a little beeswax rubbed in there and then you can use a slicker tool, or just a small piece of heavy canvas to vigorously rub that wax into the edge. As you rub, the wax will smooth the edges nicely. If they are really frayed, you can slick with lightly dampened water first and after drying completely – go after it with the beeswax.

Another announcement about the belt line is that it will definitely be growing. I’ll be introducing a more finished version in English bridle leather with a new buckle, and also a special announcement on Monday (Sorry folks, looks like Friday now) for a new model that I’ve recently collaborated with Darian from FREE/MAN. It’ll be available though my store or the new FREE/MAN online store (especially good for our Canadian customers to save on shipping).

Special thanks to those of you that have shared your pics – Anabela, Geoff, Evan, Garrett, Megan C, Megan R and Stacey. Also, anyone else is welcome to show off their own wear-in pics on either the Wood&Faulk flickr group or facebook page.


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4 Responses to “The Project Belt Revisited”

  1. Logan says:

    Whoa, I’ve been thinking about these belts alot but I might have to wait and see the new ones before I order one of these beauties. Is that a slicker tool you turned out of walnut there?

  2. Mollie says:

    Yes! I have been wearing mine every day at work, since I now keep a leather knife holster at my hip all day. It matches the belt, and the belt’s getting a lot of wear—I should take some updated photos of it.

  3. Radek says:

    I want ask, where can i buy buckles to this belts?
    Thank you for help