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I received an exciting package today, and am too excited not to share. Though, there’s a little lead-up first. As some of you might have noticed, there’s a shop tab at the top that isn’t active yet. To help offset costs of hosting and development (and neglecting my clients when I’m writing), I thought I could offer some interestingly curated products that I really love and hopefully you might too. I don’t intend for the store to get very big, and this is all a trial-and-error type of component for me, so as I roll items out, please let me know what might be working and what doesn’t. Your thoughts mean a lot.

SO, with that windiness out of the way… I received some PAUMES BOOKS! A few months ago, I discovered these in a post from the delightful Victoria Smith, and bought a couple for myself. Though I couldn’t find them in the US (I think one came from the Netherlands and the other from Japan), they were fantastic and so worth it. Apart from me wanting more for myself, I though I could be a good source if any of my US readers wanted a home-country shipper. I’ll only be carrying a few titles, and small quantities to start – so again, let me know what you think and what you might want to read.

I’m thinking the store should be up by next week, so hopefully you check back!

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8 Responses to “Store Preview of Paumes Books”

  1. Anna @ D16 says:

    Ahhh, I love this idea!! It’s easy enough for me to find Paumes books since we have lots of Japanese bookstores in NYC, but the ones I want are always all wrecked and dirty by the time I find them (if I find them).

    I’m excited.

  2. Michelle says:

    yes! Since moving from NYC I cant find these anywhere local. I’ll def be checking back in!

  3. nicolle says:

    awesome books! i’m really loving your site.

  4. Ryan says:


    asking about those candle holders in this post – i recently bought some of those exact ones at a second hand store. no idea about them though – do you know where they’re from etc?

    awesome site btw :)

    • MMP says:

      Hi Ryan, thanks. As for the candle holders, they are Danish – made by Dansk and designed by Jens H. Quistgaard. It’s hard finding candles though, so if you see some, stock up!

  5. andrea wallace says:

    Where can I buy the Paumes books? I want to get a lot from the series.


    • MMP says:

      You can order direct I believe, or at some Japanese bookstores if there’s one near your town. Sorry that I don’t carry them anymore for you to buy!

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