Official W&F Leather Jar Sleeves


Well, it has been a looong time since I did the jar sleeve DIY, and they are finally coming to the store. Actually, we’ve been producing some for Japan and some retail shops for about 6 months now, but with everything going on in the shop, I’ve neglected to get them up in our own store!

I think they’re really great gifts for the upcoming season, especially coupled with a bag of coffee beans or a jug of cider. The sleeves are made with English bridle leather from a domestic tannery and come heavy wax cord. Simple utility, ready to hold your favorite hot beverages.

These come with a half-pint jar and lid, available in four colors. Tan, chestnut, brown and black; all sure to mix well with each other or to keep as one-color sets. Stamped out and sewn from our Portland workshop.

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  1. robert says:


    first of all my compliments for the wonderful things you are making, showing, photographing! its a real pleasure reading your blog!

    as we love drinking freshly hand brewed coffee i wonder whre to get your beautiful and artificial coffee maker?!? or maybe its a result of your own creativity?

    best regards from hamburg/germany

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