Project Woodnfaulkmobile


Well, it’s been a while since I had planned on introducing this little toy I’ve bought. I was about to go out and work on it, and realized I really should write something first. Some of you have seen the instagram pics already, but I figured it would be fun to document some of the tinkering on here too.

So, here we go… I’ve bought a FJ62 Landcruiser! It’s been a great one for hauling boards, leather, shipping boxes, furniture and more. I really needed more room than my little grocery getter and always have loved these vehicles. It’s been fun to hear from so many other owners too. That kind of camaraderie is something I’ve missed since when I used to build Jeeps back in Kansas.

I had planned on just tinkering with it and doing little stuff, but not long after buying it, someone ran a stop sign and hurt the front end a bit. So, that just means another project – of changing out the four rectangular headlight design to the older round headlights! That’s the kind of stuff Land Cruiser nerds obsess about, so hopefully I don’t lose too many readers. Other things that will be tackled is some interior work since the upholstery and carpet are kind of a mess. Even talked to my friend Leland at Revive about reupholstering in some brown plaid someday.

Today’s project is taking out the severely wonky console and replacing it with a locking console, which doesn’t sound too amazing except there will probably be some necessary retrofitting since there’s a rear heater underneath. I’ll shoot some pics and probably do some compilation posts in the future rather than step by step boringness. That being said, I’m sure there’s some FJ62 folks that might’ve done this project? Feel free to chime in!


12 Responses to “Project Woodnfaulkmobile”

  1. Wes says:

    Holy cow, what a beaut!

  2. Alan says:

    I’m really excited for more posts about the Woodnfaulkmobile! New upholstery, custom wood gear shift and knobs, maybe some leather work details… Your skill set and connections could make for a ridiculously cool Cruiser.

  3. Rick O says:

    Wow, Matt that is a slick ride. Love the color, can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  4. COllin says:

    I’ll second what the others have said. Can’t wait to see what this becomes, already a good looking vehicle as it stands though!

  5. Jeff says:

    What a sexy beast! That first photo is pretty amazing as well.

  6. Ryan says:

    Looks good, Matt! I’ve been thinking about getting rid of the FJ40 and going back to a 60 as a DD, depending on where I wind up working and whatever my commute is.

    This one looks pretty stellar. No rust that I can see. is the goto site for Land Cruiser stuff if you need to ask questions/read up.

  7. Olivia says:

    CANNOT WAIT to see how bad ass this turns out

  8. Mike says:

    Nice looking cruiser. I had an ’83 FJ60 & upgraded to the Tuffy lockable console. It went in without a hitch & was the best investment I made – besides the new carpet kit from Cool Cruisers.
    Keep us posted.

  9. Andy A says:

    I have owned a 60-series and a couple of 80′s. Weird how much these trucks weave their way into your psyche. Powerful and damn cool like that. Will never let go of my 80.

  10. Mike says:

    Looks like it’s in excellent condition! I, too, would love to see some of the work you’re doing as you go. I’ve got a Range Rover Classic and I’m waiting on an old Diesel Defender from the 80′s, but if I ever get the opportunity, the Land Cruiser would make the short list.

  11. anthony says:

    I am on the search for a FJ60 myself they are so hard to find in a automatic can’t wait to see what you will do to it