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So, having this blog has introduced me to lots of cool new folk and I’m really grateful about that. One such fellow is Garrett Kautz, a bag maker who operates Strawfoot Handmade. Garrett has been experimenting and crafting handy totes from his small Santa Cruz studio for a couple years now. Using a heavy duty single-needle machine, regionally sourced materials, and smart details like hand-hammered rivets, Garrett creates some clean, classic designs.

I’d been admiring the work coming from his studio for a little while, so when an opportunity came open,  I jumped at the chance to have him make me something cool. I’d seen that he had previously created a great roll-top lunch bag, so I wondered if he could modify that idea a bit as a small camera bag – something that would protect a camera and maybe some film when I’m traveling. After listening to my request, he really came up with something perfect – from the thorn-proof waxed canvas, right down to the vintage wool lining. He even included a vintage seed bag to wrap a lens or carry some film. Great work, Garrett. Check out his work at

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10 Responses to “Strawfoot Handmade”

  1. victoria says:

    that is a stunner!

  2. pensworth says:

    Want! Scratch that, NEED!

  3. wow, really cool. Perfect bag for the Yashica Mat

  4. Logan says:

    Wow, THAT is an awesome bag. We just bought a camera last night and were saying how we’d like to make a case for it instead of buying a cheap one. This has really motivated me, to try, although it won’t come close to this one! Thanks for the link, his work is really inspiring

  5. casey says:

    it’s beautiful. i just stumbled upon your blog and also live in portland. i’m an interior designer and absolutely love what you’re doing with reclaimed doors, etc. Keep it up.

  6. stephanie says:

    What a great bag! Such good style to it.

  7. Marc says:

    Nice! In a practical sense, how is it that you carry this thing around all day – especially with the Yashica in there? A shame to tote it in another bag, no? Definitely has that bag-lunch feel. Next project should be a pinhole juice-box camera to round out the aesthetic.

    • MMP says:

      Actually I didn’t want it as a carry-able bag… just something that would protect a camera if I were packing it or travelling. I suppose a strap attachment could be done in the future or something though…

  8. Suhailah says:

    Hi I’m from Singapore. Is there a way that I can purchase this?

    • MMP says:

      I just replied to your email for my shop, but check in with Garrett if you want one of his, I’m not sure of his shipping policies –