Western Fringe Brogue DIY


Most of the time, I feel like my style is straightforward. I try to be simple, but I have been known to veer to the dandy side with certain details. This DIY is going to be one of them. I grew up in Kansas and remember wearing lace up Justin Ropers about 20 years before UO carried the awkward knock-offs. The Justins were certainly more of a statement than my regular ropers, but I liked them… Especially when really worn in. I wore holes in them, had them resoled and they just got better.

Jump to present day and I’m wearing a pair of Red Wing Brogue Rangers. Somewhat fancy with the brogue details, but just the right amount. Then I’m goofing around on the internet and see a pair from Red Wing Amsterdam’s blog and knew I had to push it a little further. If you’re daring, maybe you’ll want to make them too.

I’m working with black boots, added brown laces and will use brown leather for the fringe. It’s a subtle contrast, but won’t jump out too much. Start with a small scrap of material, you’ll need only a 3x5inch piece to cut both. I even made you a download-able template. These are sized for a 9 boot, so you might need to modify the size for a larger or smaller boot.

You’ll need a sharp knife, cutting surface, an awl for tracing and a hole punch. Print the template out, and cut the outer shape. You don’t need to cut the details, instead just trace and mark them into the leather with the awl. Once the shapes are traced onto leather, cut the details out with a sharp knife, then mark your holes and other cuts with the awl. Lace holes are punched with a #6 tube. You can punch relief holes in the lace slits if you have a really small punch, but they’re not necessary.

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10 Responses to “Western Fringe Brogue DIY”

  1. Jeff says:

    I don’t really like the kiltie aesthetic on already busy/black wingtips, but the real issue here is the cuff on those jeans.

  2. Warren says:

    I have never known what the purpose of the fringe is. Could you enlighten me?

  3. Morley says:

    Awesome DIY!

    How do you like the Brogue Rangers, compared to the Iron Rangers?
    I almost jumped for the black Brogue’s a few months back, but every time I find a photo of them online, they look unappealing once broken in. Maybe bc the leather looks more “plastic-y” than the amber harness rangers.
    However, your’s here look excellent and make me wish I would have snagged a pair. I instead went for a second pair of Rangers in black.

    Because they are a relatively new boot, I haven’t been able to get a good answer out of anyone yet.


    • Matt Pierce says:

      Hi Morley, I like both Rangers the same in terms of build quality and comfort. I agree with you that I didn’t like the black leather as much, but found a really good deal on them, so gave them a try. The black leather was much nicer than some online pics that I’d seen, so I was relieved when they arrived. After a few good weeks of wear, they are holding up great and look more natural with some scuffs and wear.

  4. Ray says:

    Where do you get your wheel hole-punch?
    I’ve been unable to find a good one.

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