Cast Iron Candle Modified


Sunday, I spent most of the day stripping paint from the detail trim areas on the door with some Citri-strip and it worked pretty well. During which, I had time to play on the lathe while the stripper was working. Earlier in the week, Anna had tweeted (I think that’s where it was?) about some very cool cast-iron candle holders from IKEA. I really like cast-iron pieces, and these were very intriguing. So, on my way to scope the IKEA ‘as-is’ section, I saw them nearby and bought a couple sets. Once I got them home, I found the base was really rough (as you would expect), but were also hollow – so you couldn’t felt them either. I had plans for them on my credenza, but this way, they seemed to be perfect FFFs (Fine-Furniture Fuckeruppers). So, as I was messing around in the shop, I just figured I’d make some bases for them.

I tried experimenting, but realized simple might be best – Western Walnut, turned to mimic the cast-iron shape. I’d love to have them sans base, but until I have that dent-proof, marble-topped Knoll credenza, these will make do.

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  1. Anna @ D16 says:

    Holy crap, that looks great! I was planning to pick up a few of these myself, but I’ll have to settle for the FFF version. ;)

  2. Martha says:

    Gah! So beautiful! Now adding to my tools wishlist…

  3. Sally says:

    They are just, simply beautiful.

  4. 1. FFF made me lol.
    2. AMAZING. They look totally great. You’re welcome to make me a set and send them my way whenever you feel up to it… no pressure. Or teach me your magical woodworking ways.

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  6. Urban Weeds says:

    Nice! Those came out great.

  7. MMP says:

    Thanks everyone!

  8. Ryan says:

    Matt, you are possibly my new favourite person in the world/role model/inspiration guy.

    So yeah. Thanks for existing and blogging and getting my brain working again for wanting to do some projects.

    - R

  9. Gorgeous! I love nothing better than an elegant IKEA hack. I’m loving your blog as a fellow Portlander and design junkie.

  10. Briar says:

    Much improved!

  11. mupuppy says:

    So when are you adding these to your shop? I’ll take a couple sets. You just blew their design up and made them so elegant. Love the contrast of the two surfaces together.

  12. Oh, I love them so much better with your base. I wish I was this smart. Your blog fascinates me! Great job. P.S. – I love the door & can’t wait to see it finished :)

  13. sarah says:

    Just came across your blog via miss moss and SO glad I did. We have quite similar taste/aesthetics and I’m excited to see what you’re up to! I also have a vintage raleigh, though not quite as sleek as yours. love tinkering with old bikes. cheers, and happy new year!

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