Camp Axe Sheath


This story actually begins with a happy-hour much earlier last week. I met up with my friend, Greg – one of the minds behind Antler&Co., to chat about projects we had going on, and to see the new A&Co headquarters. (Which is very cool, btw.) Before leaving, I found myself coming home with a couple more of his creations. If you’ve seen pictures of my place, you know I might have a thing for antlers… but still, I’ve been wanting a small hanger for my stove tools. Then I got to thinking about how I could display another cool piece,one of my vintage Stanley camp-axes, and figured I should get TWO hangers!

So then, over this weekend I devised a way to hang my axe using some scrap leather to make a sheath. I’d sketched out some designs and made a few paper templates, and finally came up with something I liked and that fit pretty well. I thought about dying it, maybe burning something into it… but I can experiment with that later. Right now, I wanted to share it with you, and even give the template in PDF form in case any of you wanted to make your own.

This fits a vintage Stanley, but you could mod it to fit whatever you might have. Let me know what you think, and if you make one – feel free to post it in the W&F flickr group!

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30 Responses to “Camp Axe Sheath”

  1. Maggie O. says:

    I had that calendar!

    Beautiful work yet again, Matt.

  2. Anna @ D16 says:

    Despite not having any use whatsoever for a camp axe, I am suddenly overwhelmed by the need to (a) acquire one, (b) make a sheath for it—which would also involve buying a riveter, naturally, and (c) hang axe in sheath on an antler hook over my non-existent wood stove.

    In other words…nice work, Matt! :)

    • MMP says:

      You have a fireplace though… that requires something more like a felling axe hanging above it!

  3. This is great, thanks! I’ve had an old camping hatchet I’ve used while…well, camping, that I received from my great-grandfather, and have never had a good sheath for it…it’s been wrapped in an old sock with rubber-bands for too long.

  4. Alan says:

    Strong work.

  5. Lois says:

    Beautiful work, Matt! Is there anything you *can’t* do???

  6. Sally says:

    Amazing, Matt!

  7. j pierce says:

    awesome! also love the old box housing your firewood…overall a very pleasing scenario…

  8. casey says:

    As a fellow leather lover, I have to say, nice work! It looks great and my guess is that it works just as well!

  9. Logan says:

    Very cool man. That looks so good! I really admire your leather work.

  10. Vox says:

    Great work! I really love the “ol-skool” look of your sheath! Good job.
    Jesper Vox

  11. megan says:

    I have a feeling you might be making another ReadyMade appearance?

  12. Stan says:

    Beautiful work and great website! Stan from the Netherlands

  13. stephanie says:

    You do really great work. All your posts are super inspiring.

  14. Spatula6554 says:

    Nicely done sir!! I have been looking for a good sheath for my Estwing; looks like the search is over.

  15. Emerald Son says:

    Best DIY I’ve seen in a long time.

  16. Gerhard says:

    Really nice work here….I am especially curious about your woodstove…Can you provide the manufacturer?

  17. Michelle says:

    This is the most manly image I have ever seen.

  18. Ben says:

    Beautiful. So making one of these. Excuse my ignorance though, but what type of rivet is that?

    • MMP says:

      Hi Ben, they are called speed rivets… just hit them with a mallet and they crush together.

  19. Casey says:

    Great stuff, just found that same axe yesterday in a junk store in Cape Town, South Africa.
    Really love it, good weight.

    Thanks for the template.

    • Casey says:

      What are the odds, on inspecting your site further I realize that I was just watching a doccie on you and your workspace the other day on vimeo.

      Love the doccie and the workshop!!
      Want to visit Oregon!!! App similar to Cape Town.

      Worth a mention.
      Thanks again
      Love your stuff.