Belt Project Documented

Back when I started experimenting with belt making, my good friend JD said that he would make a short video to document it. JD is the super-talented design director at Instrument, and we’d previously filmed little clips of a screen printing project that he turned into an cool movie; so despite me feeling slightly awkward on camera, I knew it would be fun and turn out neat.

Now you can see the full process of how I made the first run of belts, spot some mistakes, see how I cheated and used letterpress polymer dies instead leather stamps, and see what a pain in the arse it would be to hand-edge 50 belts! As for anyone curious about me putting belts back in the store… it’s happening soon. But, then if I just showed you how to make one, will any of them sell? Uh oh.

Wood&Faulk on Vimeo
Music by Gabriel and the Hounds

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17 Responses to “Belt Project Documented”

  1. Anabel says:

    So cool, Matt! And honestly, after watching that, I have absolutely no desire to try to make a belt of my own. I will happily leave it to the pros!

  2. megan says:

    yes. They will sell! And, I’ll be the first one to buy one from you. As far as the project goes, should we be sending in photos of our lovely worn belts?

  3. Uncle Beefy says:

    Super fun video! Loved it!

    And, wow! Making belts is *so* easy! Why I made 50 hand-edged belts in the first half of the video alone! Not!

    You’ve got little to worry about in terms of us not buying them. Seeing all the work that goes into just one belt will not only inspire sales but *mad* props! [insert bowing here]

  4. lacey says:

    this is freakin’ awesome. i want a belt in a bad way…pretty please?

  5. i love your little personalized stamps! making a leather belt is surprisingly simple.

  6. Michele Maddox says:

    I am so proud of you. I wish I just had 1/2 the talent you have.

    Love you
    Aunt Shell

  7. kenzie says:

    I love seeing how they are made! My husband is in love with his. We are toying with dyeing it, but I’m too scared to mess it up. He was admiring how wonderful and weighty the buckle is. So happy to get one of the first ones, You might have gotten a life long customer. I would love a slightly skinnier woman’s belt. Craftsmanship at its finest.

  8. Emerald Son says:

    I’m so glad your buddy filmed your process. . . .and I didn’t feel “slightly awkward” watching it. ; )

  9. Great video. I must have one of those stunning belts!

  10. moustacheboy says:

    Dear Matt,

    Thank you for your fantastic work of documenting these great projects of pure craftmanship. Does W&F deliver all the way over and up the big sea, close to North Pole, to Finland? And if yes, would it be possible to preorder one of these forthcoming belts? You know, no belt is properly tested if not tested in the purest, roughest and arduous conditions, i.e. in Finland where boats are still of wood and men of iron.
    Kind regards from Helsinki,

    • MMP says:

      Yeah, I’ll totally ship to Finland! I don’t have any pre-order purchase setup, but I’ll let everyone know when they will hit the store. I’m still working out some production changes from the first run. Thanks for waiting!

  11. Logan says:

    Dude, you are the shit. This is like “how it’s made” but with better music. I wish I would have ordered one of these when you made them the first time. Can’t wait for the launch of them on your store.

  12. M.S. says:

    Great blog – I really like the home improvements.

    – Mike

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