Knotted Keyring


I was in the shop the other day and Jocelyn (of Beam&Anchor) said, “I love the long keychain thing that’s on the desk.” I realized later she was referring to the shape of the camera wrist strap, but that instantly put an idea in my head of making a key carry with a longer, maybe lanyard-like component.

So, I was playing in the shop with ideas and knots and leather scraps and leather lace and came up with a few attempts. Posting them on Instagram, I realized that folks might like one and why not do a DIY too?

It’s similar to the camera wrist strap, but with a twist. I wanted to get the ends on either side, while keeping a long loop in the middle, but having it tied flat with itself. The purpose of the loop is two-fold – one to be very visible when thrown in a bag or backpack, and two to be able to tie though a belt loop and stick in your pocket.

Start by cutting a 3 1/2″ piece of strap that’s 5/8″ wide. I’ve used a belt punch to round both ends, but you can trim with shears too. Punch a series of six holes that are large enough to easily feed your lace though.

Before lacing, feed a split-ring though the leather and fold in half. If you add the split ring later, you will mar up the leather. Once folded in half, you can start the lacing in the top left hole with a knot in the lace. Pull though to the knot. Turn the piece over and you’ll let the lace form the loop handle and come back up to the other side, top right hole. Once though there, you’ll spiral it down on one side, while creating horizontal loops on the other. These loops will wrap around your long handle segments and keep them flush and straight with the leather body. Once you pull it though the last hole, tie a knot at the very end and then tighten the whole assembly with all your extra forming more of the long loop.

You can customize with with more loops on the body, or a rivet like shown in the last pic, or use d-rings and feed split rings through them… Or any number of options.

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W&F Camera Strap Giveaway


It’s been a loooong time since I have put something up here, and I KNOW I owe you folks some new DIYs. I’ve got some in progress and I’ll update soon, but I hope you’ll forgive me with a little giveaway in the meantime.

We finished the new camera neck strap shortly after the holidays and have been enjoying its release, but figured it deserves a proper introduction. It’s constructed with some amazingly beautiful oiled latigo leather, and created with the vintage style that I love, but with sturdy modern details. Nylon attach points hold heavy cameras with great security. It’s a good compromise when you’re carrying your favorite baby, but still want that timeless styling. Hardware was kept to a minimum with a few hand-hammered copper rivets and a simple buckle for some adjustment.

Well, how do you enter to win one? If you’re like me… You’ve got a favorite camera(s) that might look great with one of these on it. Comment below with the camera you’d use it on, and I’ll randomly pick THREE folks to receive one. You’ll get your choice of tan or brown and free shipping too, anywhere in the world. Please only comment once though… Even if you have about 5+ favorite cameras like I do! I’ll draw winners Feb 28 and will announce shortly after.

Update Mar 01 – Using a random number generator, we’ve selected the winners! Numbers 30, 94 and 182. Congrats, Joe, Heather and Bob – I’ll be sending out emails to you shortly!


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