Wood&Faulk Wallets


One of the more fun things being made in the shop lately are the new wallets, so I thought I’d share here. There’s currently two models, the Traveler Wallet and the Front Pocket Wallet.

The Traveler Wallet is hand-sewn with Horween Chromexcel cowhide. The leather has a beautiful, soft, waxy touch and will wear-in amazingly. Thread colors are coordinated to the leathers. Enough room for credit cards, a cash pocket and a passport or a small notebook pocket.

The Front Pocket Wallets are perfectly small, with just enough room for the essentials. They are also hand-sewn, but with Horween Chromexcel Horsefronts. The three-pocket model is perfect for your suit jacket or front pocket and will hold a few cards and a little cash. I currently use the four-pocket version and I’m able to put credit cards, license, insurance cards and use the back pocket for cash. The small size will keep things from getting out of hand – a’la Costanza.

All wallets are made in our Portland shop and are available in the Beam&Anchor retail store and in our online store, with more retailers to follow.


Leather Glass Jacket


Yes, I hate the word koozie. It’s a horrible term. However, sometimes you need some insulation on your burning hot coffee cup as to not squeal and throw your full drink after picking it up, and there’s not many other words that come to mind. For this post, I’ll still call it a jacket out of principle.

I like using half-pint mason jars because they are easy to find, inexpensive and easily replaceable. Classic look and a good size, but not good for hot drinks. Here’s a quick way to save your delicate hands and make something fun too. I put a quick lesson together over at Design*Sponge with the full details. I talk about some new tools, and if you’re wanting to do any leather crafting, they are a few that you should own.

Have a look, and maybe you’ll want to give it a try. The techniques can be used to jacket plenty of other things too… beer cans, tennis ball cans, yogurt cups, tobacco tins?



DIY Northwesterner / Otter Wax special


I’ve had this special in the works for a while now, and am finally bringing it to the shop. I teamed up with a local friend Chris, who makes an amazing water-repellant wax called Otter Wax to offer this package special. Otter Wax is made in Portland with all-natural ingredients and does wonders in the rainy climate we have here. I figured it would be the perfect compliment to a natural canvas W&F bag, where you can apply your wax and to give an instantly worn-in look and water repellant properties.

They are available in the store today for $149. The leather handles and straps will age to a golden tan, so with just a little use, this bag will look like a well-used favorite.

The wax comes in bar form, so you simply take it out of the box and rub into the fabric to apply. As you get a little built up, you can use a clean rag to rub it in and even it out. Because the fabric is heavy and textured, you’ll definitely use up a good share of it, but should have about a half bar left to do future touch ups. There’s also some good tutorial advice on the Otter Wax site.